George Miller: “All stories are allegorical! »

With Three thousand years waiting for you, the filmmaker celebrates fiction and love in a beautiful fable. Meet.

While the whole planet awaits the continuation of its Fury Road, George Miller has just made a small detour via Cannes and… the tale. In Three thousand years waiting for you, Tilda Swinton embodies a historian, or rather a researcher in narratology who reflects on myths and tries to understand why man has been telling stories since the dawn of time. During a conference in Istanbul, during a visit to the bazaar, she comes across a strange trinket. Once back at her hotel, she discovers that her beads actually contain a Djinn (Idris Elba, fabulous). In his small hotel room, the djinn and the scientist will digress for hours, cheating on their loneliness by telling each other stories… Mad Max Thunder Dome, Fury Road, Happy Feet…since the beginning of his career, the power of myth, the power of fiction has been at the heart of Miller’s cinema. But with Three thousand years waiting for you he fully embraces this theme in a fable mixing theory and fantasy and signs, at a time when cinema seems to be in crisis, a magnificent tribute to all the storytellers. He returns for us to the structure of this particular tale and the symbolic power of the stories.

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