Geralt and Vesemir meet in this excerpt from season 2 of The Witcher

The witcher 2 vesemir

“You promised you wouldn’t claim the child …”

This will be the most scrutinized new character in Season 2 of The witcher : Vesemir, played by Kim Bodnia from Killing Eve, arrives in this new excerpt, unveiled on English TV in recent days.

While Geralt returns to Kaer Morhen, to his family, to put Ciri (Freya Allan) in the shelter, he is called out by the boss of the Witchers, his mentor, Vesemir. The latter does not understand why Geralt played the “law of surprise“to take under his wing this child, whom he suddenly brought back among them.

“I had to save her” answers soberly the warrior embodied by Henry Cavill in this video.

Season 2 of The witcher will be released on December 17th on Netflix.

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