Gérard Jugnot is the dad of Camille Lou and Artus in the spoiled rotten trailer

How do you teach your own (rich) kids the real price of work?

There is a small side Shitt’s creek in the trailer for Spoiled rotten, which has just been uploaded. The new comedy carried by Gerard Jugnot tells how kids born with a silver spoon in their mouths (played by Camille Lou, Artus and Louka Meliava), and who have bathed in wealth all their lives in Monaco, find themselves overnight in a lost country, forced to work for the first time. With the difference that here, it is their father who decides to teach them a lesson:

The official pitch: “Lazy, capricious, partiers, Stella, Philippe and Alexandre are the three children of businessman Francis Bartek do nothing with their lives, except spending the money their father has earned hard. Tired of their behavior, he makes them believe that they are totally ruined, thus forcing them to do the unthinkable: work! “

Mexican film adaptation Nosotros Los Nobles, by director of Red Bracelets, Nicolas Cuche, Spoiled rotten also brings together Tom Leeb and François Morel in the cast. In the Official Selection of Alpe d’Huez 2021, the film will be released in theaters on September 15.

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