Ghost: A cult romance… but filled with false connections

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Ghost (1990)

Do you know him that well? Over the replays, viewers spotted a lot of mistakes. But we forgive Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze everything!

The fantasy drama Ghost by Jerry Zucker, featuring the legendary duo patrick swayze and Demi Moore, will return at 9:05 p.m. on W9. A real commercial success with 505 million dollars worldwide and very positive reviews overall, it was the film that had the most success in the United States during the year 1990. Since then, it has been impossible for ordinary mortals to see hands making pottery without hearing ringing in their ears Unchained Melody of the Righteous Brothers. A scenario imagined and written by Bruce Joel Rubin, who also admitted having had the idea of ​​a love story with a ghost… following an experience with LSD. A story that seemed confusing on paper, however Ghost is the cult film, both sensual and funny, which modernizes the myth of the ghost. Richard Cannavo had written for First in his review of the November 1990 issue: “Ghost is a slightly put together but insidiously charming comedy.” praising Patrick Swayze’s comedic performance more than the film itself.

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However, with our expert glasses and enough hindsight, we quickly realize that Ghost is riddled with blunders and inconsistencies. Take for example the scene where Sam (Patrick Swayze) tries to scare the cat. A close-up of the eyes of the feline is made and we can clearly see the reflection of the camera. We also find the latter in a much more obvious way in the reflection of the mirror during the scene of the move and a few seconds later the lighting equipment of the film crew seems to be awkwardly forgotten in the shot.

Let’s be even more fussy, we are made to understand during the film that Sam is a ghost and therefore goes through all the materials. On this point, the inconsistencies multiply. Sam gets pushed by another ghost on the subway, slides through the door but bumps into the door of the next car when it doesn’t make sense for anything to stop him. And there are countless scenes where Patrick Swayze’s shadow is reflected on a wall like when Molly (Demie Moore) sorts the deceased’s belongings at the start of the film and Sam sitting on a window sill lets his shadow appear behind him.

The fact remains that thirty years later, the hands of the two actors intermingling sensually on fresh clay has become a cult scene, of which there are countless occasions and parodies. But by the way, did you notice that the actors’ hands are miraculously clean when they start kissing?

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