Ghostbusters: Dan Aykroyd and Sigourney Weaver tell about Bill Murray’s show

Ghostbusters: The Bill Murray show!
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Arrived at the last minute on the set, the actor was in great shape, as explained by his playing partners in Première Classics n ° 17.

TFX benefits from the theatrical release of Ghostbusters: the legacy, by Jason Reitman, to rerun his daddy’s original film, Ivan Reitman. That’s good, the first Ghostbusters, released in theaters in 1984, is currently on the cover of new First Classics (n ° 17). Within the large file devoted to the cult comedy, we return in particular to its shooting, transformed into a real “Bill Murray show”, as Dan Aykroyd and Sigourney Weaver recount. The actress remembers having laughed a lot with her playmate. It was she who asked to participate in the project: became famous thanks to Alien of Ridley Scott, she dreamed of turning in a comedy, and facing a king of improvisation such as Bill, she was not disappointed!
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Towards the end of 1983, filming will finally begin. “I have never taken such a short time to make a film”, assures Dan Aykroyd, who cannot believe the speed with which the project is progressing. His only real stone in the shoe is called Bill Murray: during all the preparation of the film, his friend from the SNL was filming
between India and Paris for Razor’s Edge. His only meeting with the team in those few months was at New York’s La Guardia airport. Murray gets off a private jet, pulls out a megaphone, and bawls happily at everyone he meets in the terminal. Ivan Reitman and Harold Ramis laugh and drag him to a restaurant in Queens. “We spent an hour together, and he couldn’t have said more than two words about the script. Then he got back on the plane. But we were confident. Ghostbusters was the first movie he committed to without fighting like crazy, and he just decided we could only get it right – which in no way minimizes his contribution to the project. Bill is quick-witted and on set he probably gives more than any other actor. “ But it is above all the potential that Murray never shows that makes Reitman sweat: “I still had a little doubt, ‘Yes, I believe he will be there. Danny says he will’.” Hope gives life. The day before the first shots, no one has heard from Bill.

Aykroyd remains confident and clings to his buddy’s initial promise. It wasn’t until 8 am on D-Day that everyone could finally breathe: Murray arrived like a flower, pulled up like a cuckoo and decided to steal the film. He immediately feels that the energy and urgency of the shoot will work in his favor. Richard Edlund assures that “Almost 80% of the shots in the film consist of first takes. We didn’t have time to do more.” Bread blessed for the king of improvisers, who at the time invented replicas that would become cult (“We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!”, beautifully translated in the French version by “We came, we saw, he got it up his ass!”). Sigourney Weaver will pay the price during his first scene with Murray, next to the Lincoln Center fountain: “When I met him I introduced myself by name and he said, ‘I think your name is Susan,’ then he threw me on his shoulder and walked down 5th avenue in me. I was laughing like crazy. No one had ever done that because I’m 5’2! I moved from my world to Second City, which is wonderfully chaotic, generous and improvised. Ivan struggled with everything that energy and Bill wouldn’t allow me for a second to take myself seriously. I was in a corner trying to think like Dana and he would come over and slip his arm around me laughing at my hairstyle. I got it all. loved it right away. “

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