Ghostbusters make a successful return to the US box office

In contrast, Will Smith and his “Williams Method” are below expectations with less than $ 6 million in revenue. (Source: Le Film Français)

At the head of the American box office for two weeks, The Eternals falls in second position this weekend. The last Marvel is dethroned by Ghostbusters: the legacy, which earns $ 44 million in 4,315 theaters nationwide. A score similar to that of the 2016 reboot, which had collected 46 million at the start, then 128 million there. Knowing that this new film directed by Jason Reitman cost less than him, he seems well on the way to repay himself. We can make more precise predictions when it is released elsewhere in the world (in France, it will be necessary to wait until December 1, for example), because for the moment little offered outside the United States, this Ghostbusters 2021 cumulates 60 million greenbacks. That’s more than what box office specialists had predicted: They were targeting a startup between 25 and 35 million.

Ghostbusters – Legacy: a new generation faces ghosts in a nostalgic first trailer

Ghostbusters: Afterlife is not the only novelty of the top, The Williams Method, the film on the father of tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams carried by Will Smith being fourth thanks to $ 5.7 million collected in 3,302 theaters. For once, it’s less than what the box office pros predicted: facing the “star-power” of the actor (who comes from elsewhere his autobiography, Will, in parallel with the film, and is not stingy in intimate revelations), about the film (the Williams sisters are adored in the United States and this type of work on sport has its audiences), and its release just before on Thanksgiving weekend with no huge competition, expectations were more like ten million dollars. Did the simultaneous theatrical release and streaming on HBO Max work against the film? In any case, the film receives good reviews.

Among the continuities, we can note the good form of Eternals (3rd with 10.8 million collected this weekend on more than 4,000 screens, or 336 million collected worldwide, including 135 in the USA) or that of Dune, which is about to cross the threshold of 100 million dollars of receipts in the United States alone (in the world, the film accumulates 367 million). To die can wait, which is seventh on the top with an additional $ 2.7 million in the eighth week, breaks an international record: with 734 million in global revenue, it has just doubled Fast 9 and its 721 million, thus becoming the biggest Hollywood success of 2021 in the world. However, he is not at the top of the ranking “worldwide” given that the first two successes of the year are Chinese: The Battle at Lake Changjin and Hi, Mom all brought in over $ 800 million in revenue.

American box office for the weekend of November 19 to 21, 2021:

Ghostbusters make a successful return to the US Box Office
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