Ghostbusters – the legacy: not a grand cru Ghostbusters [critique]

The son Reitman takes over the reins of the franchise and makes a film between two chairs.

Five years after the feminine reboot of Paul Feig, Jason Reitman takes up the torch from his father Ivan for a third “official” part of the saga Ghostbusters. Exit New York, direction the open countryside where a single mother (Carrie Coon) and her two children (the very charismatic Mckenna Grace and Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things) settle in the lost house of the grandfather – the late Egon Spengler -, to discover there that the ghost hunter had not cut himself off from the world by chance … Intergenerational transmission, it will only be a question of that in this curious object kneeling before the sacred frankness of padre, nevertheless in permanent struggle for its independence. Contrary forces that bring out the very personal motives of the Reitman son (the resentment, the dysfunctional family), coated with nostalgia and a somewhat forced humor (the insufferable character function named Podcast; the heartbreaking valves of Phoebe).

The worshipers of the first film – the second is strangely put under the carpet – will be like in slippers, the story of Ghostbusters: the legacy taking up almost all the script elements that made the legend. A little too much for its own good, especially in a final sequence that allows us to see with our eyes the ravages of time. Not one Ghostbusters grand cru therefore, but absolutely fascinating to examine from the angle of the father figure. And perhaps, if the success is there, a pass for other filmmakers who would like to appropriate the franchise.

Ghostbusters: the legacy, 2:04 am, December 1 at the cinema. Trailer :

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