Ghostbusters: The Original 1984 vs. The Legacy

Almost forty years later, how can we reclaim the best Ghostbusters leitmotifs and make them sound true and new? First examines The Legacy of the Reitman Family.

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The beating heart of the project

1984: Hipsters prefer Bill Murray, nerds love Harold Ramis, but a quick look at Wikipedia will tell them that there would have been no Ghostbusters without Dan Aykroyd, not only co-writer AND interpreter, but above all chief designer of the plot, the characters, the look, the ambient geekery, in short, everything that the first film has that is funny and unique. Let’s also take advantage of this forum to put good old Ray Stanz at the top of the podium of ghost hunters: no one else in the world lights up cigarettes so well with a proton pack on his back and slime in his face.

2021: OK, Ghostbusters: The Legacy 100% owned by Ivan Reitman’s son. Still, the new franchise put on track here will inevitably be held by her, and she alone, Mckenna Grace, 15, a staggering find as we had seen more since Jennifer Lawrence of Winter’s Bone. First looked at as an applied mathematician, following the path of her late grandpa Egon Spengler, she gradually becomes a action hero miniature, capturing ectoplasm, delivering punchline and stealing all the scenes of a film yet populated by hooligans of all kinds.

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The toy car

1984: Among the crowd of iconic gadgets invented by the first part (The proton pack, Food-everything, the costumes, the company logo, “Who you gonna call? “…), the old Cadillac ambulance “pimped” from top to bottom is probably the one that most stunned the kids of 1984. Faced with the sales figures of its LEGO version, which tickle those of the X-Wings of Star Wars, we can see that the kids of 2021 also seem to like it a lot.

2021: Ideal for carrying around with big gear in the streets of New York while making the flashing light howl, the Ecto-1 resumes service in the outskirts in the middle of wheat fields and the deserted Main Street of the village. Absurd? No, a symbol of the feeling of freedom suddenly felt by heroes who are not at all old enough to have the license. The car as an allegory of youth and the headlong rush: Heritage proudly claims here its Americana fiber. And too bad for New York.

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The sweet villain

1984: “I tried to think of the most harmless thing possible … ” He has no more than three minutes on the screen, and yet our minds summons him as soon as we think of the first one. Ghostbusters. Undoubtedly the biggest visual idea of ​​the film, the Bibendum Chamallow (35-meter kaiju with a blissful smile) is also the best VRP of the project. Ghostbusters, horrific pantalonnade always on the verge of self-parody.

2021: Visiting the supermarket while evil is pouring out on Earth, Paul Rudd hallucinates in front of a horde of tiny Bibendum Chamallow who are bustling like Minions. By preferring miniaturization rather than the gigantism that everyone expected, the son Reitman metaphorizes his position in front of the gargantuan figure of his father. As he put it in our interview: “This film is not a session with the shrink. Yet there would be plenty to do.

Ernie Hudson
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The eternal foil

1984: Originally, he was one of the founding members of the Ghostbusters. Except that from one rewrite to another, Winston Zeddemore has rather become a foil stripped of all his backstory, slipped into the history of the first part despite common sense. The number 2 will take care of putting it back at the heart of the story and making it theaction-hero very cool that it should have been. Unfortunately for Ernie Hudson, his interpreter, no one likes Ghostbusters 2.

2021: Not Even A Spoiler: The Original Ghostbusters Return To Play Some Good Old Hits In Heritage. The real surprise is that if Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray seem to have passed a little Aykroyd and Bill Murray seem to have passed the age of these nonsense, Ernie Hudson, him, always remains dashing, classy, ​​built despite the years. who marched. Nice revenge for the unloved Ghostbuster: if a single piece of legend remains intact, it is indeed him.

Text by Romain Thoral and François Léger

Ghostbusters – the legacy: not a grand cru Ghostbusters [critique]

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