Global box office: Dune has already pocketed nearly $ 40 million (mostly in Imax)

Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi film will not be released until October 22 in the United States.

While Shang-Chi remains at the top of the US box office, it’s another big production that starts strong in Europe: Dune. The SF movie directed by Denis Villeneuve (First Contact, Blade Runner 2049) will only be offered in a month there (on October 22 to be exact), but box office specialists are closely monitoring its development, as scores of Dune will allow Warner Bros. to launch a new franchise … or not. The director has already written his sequel, and he can’t wait to film it, but that will all depend on its success in theaters.

Dune: Denis Villeneuve wanted to shoot the two parts in a row

In detail, on the day of Wednesday and Friday (depending on the day of release), Dune has already amassed $ 38 million worldwide, with its biggest score ever being recorded in Russia: $ 7.6 million raised there. France follows closely with 7.5 million (which corresponds to 181,316 entries), followed by Germany (4.9 million) and Italy (2.6 million). The Hollywood Reporter specifies that the film works particularly well in Imax: this type of projection brought in 3.6 to Warner in 142 European cinemas, that is to say almost ten percent of its total score.

Preceded byexcellent reviews, this adaptation of Frank Herbert’s classic will be released this week in the United Arab Emirates then in India at the beginning of October and finally in the United States, England, China and even South America, on the 22nd. Here is its trailer:

Denis Villeneuve: “With Dune, I tried to make the most popular film possible”

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