Gold for dogs: a sensory initiatory story [critique]

Anna Cazenave Cambet’s debut feature reveals a stunning actress: Tallulah Cassavetti

This is a first film that feels like an emotional roller coaster. An initiatory story within which Anna Cazenave Cambet deploys a devilishly intense feminist manifesto. Her heroine, Esther, aged 17, invents herself, seeks herself, bangs herself, is built before our eyes and will end up being accomplished but without the approval of a man, often the main quest of heroines of this kind. ‘plot. Following in his footsteps, Gold for dogs offers a real trip to the land of cinema. It opens as 37 ° 2 in the morning (a sex scene as if to set the scene: start with what generally constitutes the conclusion of a coming of age story) and sees the shadows of No shelter, no law by Agnès Varda, fromA violent poison by Katel Quillévéré, from Hadewijch by Bruno Dumont… Shadows never overwhelming, so much the power of Anna Cazenave-Cambet’s cinema grabs you from its foreground to never let go.

Here she signs a sublime portrait of a young woman, with an appetite for life, sex and devouring love, who will lead her from the arms of a boy who does not deserve her to a fascination for a young nun (Anna Navorac , impressive) in a convent whose doors she pushed open, a night of wandering. Sensory cinema, in motion that allows the viewer to project themselves into Esther, whatever their age or gender. And an appearance: Tallulah Cassavetti. For her first role, she delivers an exciting composition, managing to beautifully translate through her body, her face and her gaze the metamorphosis of her character.

Of ATna Cazenave Cambet. With Tallulah Cassavetti, Corentin Fila, Anna Navorac… Duration: 1h39. Release June 30, 2021

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