Gold from Him: Ramzy has his ass rimmed in noodles at Series Mania (review)

Gold from him

It is the UFO of the French competition of this 2021 edition. A strange farce and much less schoolboy than it seems at first glance.

Sometimes you have to know how to go beyond the pitch. The story of a man who shits gold … literally. We had to dare! Site creator 10 minutes to spare, Baptiste Lorber send Ramzy Bedia on the throne, for the UFO of this French selection. The former half of Eric Judor embodies Joseph, the VRP of a small suburban SME. His life is hardly cheerful: a job he hates and gloomy TV evenings, with a woman who no longer loves him. And things don’t seem to want to get better. Until the day when, by a miracle, it begins to lay… gold!

No, this is not a joke. Gold from Him, it is indeed an excremental comedy. Schoolboy, it is true. But not that much. We smile sometimes, we laugh from time to time, but behind the joke hides in reality an astonishing drama, not as stupid and nasty as its scatological synopsis suggests. Yes, Ramzy expels solid gold turds there, episode after episode. With more or less good taste. But the joke actually serves as a starting point for a scathing reflection on the couple and the hellish grind of married life. As a goose that lays golden eggs overwhelmed by events, Ramzy is a perfect tragicomic turkey. A well-molded stuffing.

Gold from Him, this fall on France.TV.

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