Goliath: Pierre Niney, Gilles Lellouche and Emmanuelle Bercot fight for ecology [bande-annonce]

After L’Affaire SK1 and Save or perish, Frédéric Tellier signs an environmental thriller.

France (Emmanuelle Bercot), sports teacher by day, worker by night, is an active campaigner against the use of pesticides. Patrick (Gilles Lellouche), obscure and solitary Parisian lawyer, is a specialist in environmental law. Mathias (Pierre Niney), a brilliant lobbyist and man in a hurry, defends the interests of an agrochemical giant. Following the radical act of an anonymous person, these three destinies, which should never have crossed paths, will jostle, collide and ignite.

The trailer of Goliath just dropped, and it promises an intense environmental defense thriller, showing the uphill struggle of an activist and a lawyer to ban a carcinogenic substance used in a pesticide that causes serious illnesses, in the face of a very influential lobbyist in the world of modern agriculture. A fight of the weak against the strong, told by Frédéric Tellier, who was acclaimed for The SK1 Affair (retracing the hunt for Guy Georges by a young policeman for a decade, released in 2015) and Save or perish (the story of a badly burned firefighter during a rescue mission, on screens in 2018). Goliath is expected on March 9 at the cinema.

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