Goodbye James Bond: What are Daniel Craig’s plans?

Goodbye James Bond: What are Daniel Craig's plans?
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Between two films and series, the actor wants to return to the theater to play Macbeth.

That’s it, this time it’s the right one: with To die can wait, Daniel Craig says goodbye to James Bond, whom he played for 15 years, the release of Casino Royale going back to 2006. What is he going to do now? We take stock of his film and series projects, but also of theater, the actor dreaming above all of returning to the stage.

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Because before finding it on a small or a big screen, Daniel Craig will play Macbeth on Broadway, in an adaptation of the classic play by William Shakespeare directed by Sam Gold. A choice that is not due to chance: Barbara Broccoli, the producer of the films James bond, supported the piece Steady Rain, by John Crowley, in which Daniel Craig shared the stage with Hugh Jackman, in 2009, but also a version of Othello conceived by this artist with the actor and David Oyelowo, in 2016, and she will be the co-producer of Macbeth. Craig thus does not completely cut the bridges with his past of 007!

He will give the reply to Ruth Negga (Loving), which will lend its features to Lady Macbeth, and will for the occasion take its first steps on Broadway with this play, whose performances should start in March 2022. “Daniel is not only a good film actor, he is also a magnificent stage actor.“, commented the producer by announcing this project, a few days ago.

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Knives Out 2 and 3

Following the success ofKnives Out, Netflix has paid crazy sums to have its two sequels shot to be broadcast by the platform. Director Rian Johnson and the star of this investigative film à la Agatha Christie each received $ 100 million to recoup at the start of the year (which puts Craig tops the top highest paid actors of the moment), and the second film is already in the box. It should logically make the event next year on Netflix, because once again, Benoît Blanc, the character played by Craig will be surrounded by stars: Edward Norton, Janelle Monae, Kathryn Hahn, Ethan Hawke or Dave Bautista, who he faced in Spectrum, will be among the suspects. Moreover, the first part already represented a meeting of actors linked to 007, since Daniel gave the answer to Ana de Armas, the super James Bond Girl of To die can wait.

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Series Purity

Announced in 2016 by Showtime, this series from Todd Field (In the Bedroom), who already wanted to shoot the western The Creed of violence starring Daniel Craig, has yet to be toured. Now that the star has finally said goodbye to Bond, will she be relaunched? This is an adaptation of the novel The Corrections, by Jonathan Franzen, and Craig had signed up for two seasons of 10 episodes each. The plot follows the meeting between a young woman a little lost and a charismatic and provocative entrepreneur.

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