Gosh ! : The nice success of Charlotte de Turckheim, Victoria Abril, Lola Dewaere …

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Gosh !  : The nice success of Charlotte de Turckheim, Victoria Abril, Lola Dewaere ...

In 2012, this anti-regime comedy attracted a million and a half curious in the cinema. She will return this evening on M6.

After My father, my mother, my brothers and my sister and The Aristos, who had recorded decent box office scores without shining, Charlotte de Turckheim drew big movie crowds in the spring of 2012 thanks to Gosh !, a comedy with among others Victoria Abril and Lola dewaere in slimming treatment in Brides-les-Bains, a spa specializing in the treatment of overweight and obesity. The first plays a woman who suffered from obesity in her youth and whose weight control turns into an obsession once her extra pounds have been lost. Lola plays an overweight woman whose husband, who only likes skinny people, would like her to lose 20 kilos. “What will lighten her is to get rid of her boyfriend!”, warned the director when announcing the project.

Wanting to stage a story “far from crude and reductive clichés”, we can say that she has succeeded! When it was released at the end of March 2012, the film created a surprise by starting just behind the blockbuster Wrath of the Titans. With nearly 300,000 admissions in the first week, it then remained in the top 3 despite the emergence of Titanic In 3D ! Word of mouth was launched: at the end of your career, Gosh ! came close to the million and a half spectators. Scheduled at 9:05 pm on M6, the film should once again perform well.

Critical side, in First, Philippe Jambet welcomed the performance of the actresses, in particular Lola Dewaere and Julia Piaton. Ironically, the editorial staff regretted a somewhat meager scenario: “Let’s have a dream. That of seeing the Mocky of the great era put his nose in the business of double fat and go all out against the big guys who are only looking to lose weight and those who profit handsomely from the obsession with the skinny guy. But Charlotte de Turkheim will never be Mocky. What interests her is to show the moods of the obese, female magazine version. No deep dive into the twists and turns of the psyche, but just enough to align a few good words, just to make us believe that the film is better than what it appears to be, and to pass the pill of a scenario to the embarrassing shyness. This absence of risk cannot obscure the performance of Lola Dewaere and by Julia Piaton who, despite their status as “daughter of” (Julia is the director’s daughter), make us really want to see them again. “

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