Gotham Knights comics adapted for series

Gotham knights

“Following the murder of Bruce Wayne …”

After the Arrowverse, other DC superheroes could well land on the American channel CW. The network owned by Warner Bros., which owns the licenses of DC Comics, is developing Gotham knights, a new live-action super-series based on the eponymous comics.

The pitch is dark to say the least: “In the wake of Bruce Wayne’s murder, his rebellious adopted son is forging an unlikely alliance with the children of Batman’s enemies, as they are all accused of killing the Caped Crusader. Now referred to as the city’s most wanted criminals, this “group of renegades must fight to clear their names – but in a Gotham without a Dark Knight to protect it, the city finds itself propelled into a terribly dangerous world. Hope runs high. born from this small group of marginalized people, who will become the Gotham knights ! “

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Chad Fiveash and James Stoteraux (both from the series Batwoman and Gotham) will be the scriptwriters and executive producers of the project.

note that Gotham knights is not planned for Arrowverse and will not be a spin-off of Batwoman. It will certainly not have any connection with the spinoff series of the film either. The batman, currently developed by Terence Winter for HBO Max and which will be inspired by comics Gotham Central. Nor even, for that matter, with the other derivative series devoted to Penguin. Yes, Gotham will be everywhere in 2022.

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