Gray cards and ANTS: how to proceed?

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Gray card

The National Secured Titles Agency was created in 2007. In the space of less than 15 years, it has taken the technological turn, in order to offer the most efficient service possible, to all those who need to use its services. This is the case, among others, of vehicle owners, who need to have a vehicle registration document issued for them. Here is how the process of issuing a vehicle registration document works in 2021.

Administrative modernity

The French government has had no difficulty adapting to the modern world. Indeed, the citizens of the Hexagon benefit from many government services online, which simplifies their everyday life, at least in their relationship with the State. This is the case ofANTS registration, which not only allows users to obtain their gray card online, but also to use partners such as, to make everything even simpler and more efficient.

This is quite normal, since the ANTS was created with the aim of taking the technological turn. This public establishment acts under the cover of the Ministry of the Interior and brings together various official titles that the French may need and which are: the gray card, the driver’s license, passport and CNI. The agency manages the production and transmission of these titles and has also been given the task of dematerializing them.

Evolution to digital

A large majority of our readers remember without the slightest doubt, the time when you had to go to the prefecture, in order to obtain a vehicle registration document. No one will mourn the disappearance of these counters, where we often had to spend hours, in order to complete the process, to finally receive the gray card. Thanks to ANTS, this is now happening online. The agency processes the electronic requests it receives, in order to direct them to the Imprimerie Nationale, where the titles are issued, in a physical way. This public service is aimed at all those who need it, and is the only one with the competence to proceed with the issuance of the gray card.

Independent partners

As the administrative services of a state can quickly become burdened, and no longer function at a satisfactory level for the citizens, the ANTS has planned a system which allows the French to send their registration request to partner organizations. This is why, on a site like, the owner of a vehicle will be able to fill out a form, in less than five minutes, which will allow him to quickly obtain the registration card he needs to use his vehicle.

This modus operandi has enabled the prefectures to save precious time, which they have repositioned to meet more pressing and also greater needs. We are thinking, among other things, of crisis management and the territorial coordination of public policies.

Application for a gray card

It must therefore be understood that there is only one way to obtain a registration card, today, which is by going online, to fill out a form. The ideal is to use a site like, for a fast, secure and efficient service. You can also go there to complete the information read in this article, to better understand the process.

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