Greek salad: the sequel to The Spanish Inn “will complete the loop” assures Cédric Klapisch

The series will a priori be broadcast on Amazon Prime Video “early 2023”.

He’s a busy man: as he travels all over France to premiere his new film, In Body (March 30 at the cinema), Cédric Klapisch is filming the series at the same time Greek salad. The sequel sequel of The Spanish innfrom Russian dolls and of Chinese puzzle will feature Tom (Aliocha Schneider) and Mia (Megan Northam), the children of Wendy and Xavier, who inherit a building in Athens. We took advantage of the director’s visit to Nantes to ask him about this series which will be broadcast on Prime Video. ” It’s a way of talking about today’s European youth and coming full circle “, confides Klapisch. ” There’s this scene where Romain Duris and Kelly Reilly look at their children and say to themselves: ”It’s strange, we were their age when we met”. The wheel spins ! And it’s really very moving. The story takes place over the course of a school year. I won’t reveal much because it’s very quickly mentioned, but we think at the start that Tom and Mia are doing Erasmus, when not at all. It’s a way of saying that the current youth is not following the will of the parents, or in any case that things are moving. »

Greek salad will consist (no pun intended here) of eight 52-minute episodes. ” I couldn’t have done it alone, it would have been impossible », assures Cédric Klapisch, who has « worked with the same directors as for the first season of Ten percent : my wife Lola Doillon and Antoine Garceau. The series will definitely air in early 2023. »

Initially, it was Amazon who offered to revive the franchise initiated with The Spanish inn. But the initial idea did not please the director, who refused the project: ” I said no, because they wanted me to adapt The Spanish Inn a bit like Fargo, with a kind of fake remake. I had no desire at all to go back behind a story that had already been told. But when I had this idea to continue with the children, everything changed. I could show a new face of Europe, because we can clearly see with what is happening in Ukraine that Europe is changing very quickly. I wanted to continue this story around a kind of European identity. »

And so that his vision of Europe sticks to that of today’s youth, Klapisch has surrounded himself with screenwriters younger than him, ” between 26 and 30 years old. It was Amazon that pushed me to work with them, and they were right. I wouldn’t have told this story at all if I had written on my own and I trusted them a lot with the topics to be covered. A whole bunch of things that I wouldn’t have had the idea to put forward. This series is really the association between my age – or my mastery – and their youth. There is something interesting in confronting the two gazes. »

Here is the official synopsis of Greek salad : “ Salade Grecque tells the story of Mia, a rebellious and rebellious 19-year-old woman who seeks at all costs to free herself from her parents, and her brother Tom, 25, who has studied brilliantly and whose family awaits many. When their grandfather dies, their lives change when they inherit a building in Athens. Tom then flies to the Greek capital to manage this inheritance and secretly hopes to reconnect with his sister who is studying there. Mia and Tom, whose relationship has always been conflicted, will finally find themselves sharing an apartment with people from all over Europe. Far from the carefree experience of their parents in Barcelona in the early 2000s… Salade Grecque highlights today’s European youth and the difficulties they have to face. Prime Video subscribers will have a ringside seat to share in the sorrows, joys, commitments, loves and discoveries experienced by our two heroes and their friends in this contemporary coming-of-age tale of initiation. »

After this series, Cédric Klapisch should return to feature films. He claims to have two project tracks. Waiting for, In Body will be released in theaters on March 30. We follow Elise, 26, a great classical dancer who gets injured during a show. Her career seems over, the doctors tell her that she will certainly never be able to dance again. Between Paris and Brittany, according to encounters and experiences, disappointments and hopes, Elise will have to rebuild herself. Trailer :

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