Grey’s Anatomy: a return announced in the trailer for season 18

Grey's Anatomy season 18

“Someone straight from Meredith’s past is going to make a comeback …” tease this new promo video.

The new promo of Grey’s Anatomy, which will launch its season 18 in crossover with Station 19, is full of revelations. First because we discover a glimpse of Teddy and Owen’s marriage.

Then we hear Bailey express his disbelief at Richard’s sudden interest in cryogenics.. “Do you want to freeze people?” We also see Amelia and Link in couples therapy, after her refusal to marry her! And finally, the voice over swings: “Someone from Meredith’s past is coming back …”.

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Who ? Two options are possible: first Addison Forbes Montgomery, since we know that Kate walsh will return to play Derek’s ex-wife on the show this fall. Or Dr. Alan David Hamilton, new face that will embody Peter Gallagher, and who had a relationship with Ellis Gray (Kate Burton will be back) years ago …

Answer on Thursday, September 30 for the return of Grey’s Anatomy on the American channel ABC.

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