Grey’s Anatomy in free fall: the series achieves its worst audiences ever

Grey's Anatomy season 18

The trend is really not good for the medical drama, even if it remains, again and again, a sure bet for the American channel ABC.

Are we going to end up burying Grey’s Anatomy ? The medical series seemed indefatigable for years, ready to continue until Meredith Grey’s retirement. But lately, the show created by Shonda Rhimes faces a historic low in the curve of its audiences in the USA.

Last Thursday, episode 7 of season 18 attracted only 3.5 million American viewers, the lowest score of the series since its launch in 2005 and especially an extremely low ratio of 0.5, on the essential target of 18-49 year olds.

However, Grey’s Anatomy tried a big shot by bringing back Kate Walsh as Dr Addison Montgomery, a few years after the spin-off ended Private Practice. But obviously, this is not enough to retain fans who clearly seem to have deserted. “The series has been on a slippery slope for a few years, but it looks like people are officially done with it.“, writes TV Fanatic.

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It must be said that the audiences for season 18 began under 5 million viewers and the series has already lost two million followers over a year …

The trend is seriously worrying for Meredith Gray and her gang, even if its scores must be put into perspective in the light of the change in public consumption and in the face of competition from platforms: Grey’s Anatomy remains one of the strongest series of the American chain ABC. Still, the significant erosion of its audience could encourage the network to reduce its costs, and therefore the number of zeros on the check forEllen pompeo. However, we know that Grey’s Anatomy will stop when its star actress decides to stop. Perhaps we are witnessing here the premises of the end.

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