Grey’s Anatomy is parting with a new doctor: Cormac Hayes is leaving!

Grey's Anatomy Meredith McCormak

It’s been three seasons since the nice widowed dad arrived in Seattle. Without ever convincing.

Everyone was afraid to see a doctor leave Grey’s Anatomy feet forward. Finally the medical series took everyone by surprise. After the brutal twist at the end of 2021 and for its recovery episode, this week, season 18 has indeed made one of its white coats leave… but not the one we thought! Spoiler alert!

Owen Hunt seemed doomed to die in excruciating pain. But he finally survived, and it’s Dr. Cormac Hayes who takes the door! Deadline confirms actor Richard Flood is leaving Grey’s Anatomy. He has just handed in his resignation to Bailey, explaining to him that he wanted to return to Ireland with his children. So he’s going to go away, really. Its last episode will be for next week, ie episode 10 of season 18, which will be titled “Living in a House Divided”.

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Present in Seattle for three seasons, the nice widowed dad arrived at the start of season 16 to reboost the cast and above all to offer Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) a new love story. But this scenario was brutally interrupted by the pandemic. And then the fans never really seemed to support this romance. When the writers decided to bring back Nick (Scott Speedman), it became clear that Hayes was too much in the hospital. His departure is therefore not so much a surprise.

We will see his farewell next Thursday, in the continuation of season 18 of Grey’s Anatomyto see in France on MyTF1.

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