Grey’s Anatomy: The Season 18 Sequel Dramatic Trailer

Grey's Anatomy Owen

Who can save Private Owen?

As she has become accustomed to, Grey’s Anatomy left his fans in great disarray last night with the mid-season finale 18. Warning for spoilers!

The medical series will only resume in February 2022, after its traditional break for the holiday season. Which means that fans will spend two months wondering if Owen Hunt is really dead at the bottom of this ravine.

Indeed, while he had gone to fetch a heart for his nephew Farouk (logical), the emergency convoy suddenly left the road, when the driver had a heart attack (logical). While Cormac Hayes and Teddy Altman managed to extricate themselves from the vehicle at the last minute, poor Dr. Hunt remained trapped in the car, falling from the top of the cliff to certain death …

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Will the medical series still kill one of its historic doctors? It’s entirely possible, according to the trailer for episode 18×09. It promises us a crossover recovery with Station 19. Ben’s gang will disembark to try to get Owen’s soldier out of this mess. But obviously …

It should also be noted that the episode in question will be entitled “No Time To Die” … a nod to the last James Bond?

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