Grey’s Anatomy: Was Season 17 Lousy “To Throw In The Garbage”?

Grey's Anatomy

Elle Pompeo responds to criticism: “Thank you for your feedback, they matter to us”.

The least we can say is that Grey’s Anatomy did not shine this year, with its 100% COVID plot, combined with the departures of the last still endearing characters. What seriously annoy fans of the medical drama. One of them called out Ellen Pompeo on Twitter.

According to him, this season was so bad, that it was “good to throw in the garbage! “ A scathing criticism to which Ellen Pompeo replied without being disassembled:

No problem. In 17 seasons, we can’t please everyone all the time. It’s clearly not easy to continue and it stays awesome all the time. I understand. Thanks for taking a look anyway. And thank you for your comments and feedback, they matter to us “.

Really good player (or lucid too?), The star of Grey’s Anatomy even took his defense when some began to attack the overly critical internet user: “But why would it be wrong to say that you didn’t like something? It has literally been going on for two decades !! Let him live … There are lots of things that I don’t like either (…) Not to mention that people have the right to feel what they want after these two really rotten years that we have lived. “

It is not known if season 18 will be better, but in any case, Grey’s Anatomy will return in September on ABC and in France on TF1.

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