Griffins make music video to get people to get vaccinated

Family Guy

Stewie and Brian explain to the last hesitant why the vaccine is safe and can change everything in the fight against COVID.

Seth MacFarlane does its part. The creator of Family Guy has just uploaded a three-minute short film to promote vaccination, in the United States of course, but also in the rest of the world. Peter needs to go get his dose. But he is afraid, hesitates. So to reassure him, it’s Stewie and Brian who stick to it.

They travel inside his body, to simply explain to the father, as to the still hesitant viewers, how the vaccines work and how this one will allow to eradicate the COVID-19.

A salutary message hailed by the American health authorities: “This work of Seth MacFarlane and the team of Family Guy brings critical vaccine information to the public in a new and hilarious way that will surely inspire people to take the next step to slow the pandemic.

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