Gucci: Camille Cottin talks about her embarrassing meeting with Lady Gaga

‘I thought maybe I would do a little Italian accent … ”

After Matt Damon in Stillwater, Camille Cottin will share the screen with Lady Gaga and Adam Driver in House of Gucci, the film by Ridley Scott. A new big Hollywood production, inevitably impressive for the actress of Ten percent.

Invited in Day-to-day last night, she recounted her first meeting with the crew, before the shoot: “When I got into rehearsal, I just met Ridley Scott. Because I had just sent him a ‘tape’ (audition on tape). So I had never met him. But I didn’t know Stefani (Germanotta aka Lady Gaga) at all. So I arrive in a room to do a reading. There are Adam Driver, Ridley Scott and Stefani, Lady Gaga. I was a little intimidated …

She continues her story and remembers that the four of them were seated. “And then I say, ‘I thought maybe I would do a little Italian accent, as I know …’ Ridley Scott said to me: ‘Hmm, well go ahead! Do it’. I do two, three sentences. He said to me: ‘Hmmm no, don’t accentuate!” And Camille Cottin to summarize: “I failed”.

As to whether she became friends with Lady Gaga on the set … Obviously not! “Stefou, listen, we don’t know what the future holds … But no, I don’t have his 06. “

House of Gucci is due out in theaters on November 24, 2021 in the United States.

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