Guermantes, on France 5 then in the cinema: Everything is true, everything is false, everything is allowed [critique]

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Christophe Honoré films the rehearsals of a show threatened by the health crisis and intelligently makes reality overflow from the frame.

Guermantes, by Christophe Honoré with in particular Laurent Lafitte and Dominique Blanc of the Comédie Française, is a kind of making-of of a show canceled because of the Covid, which plays with the true and the false. It will be offered this evening on television, on France 5, before going out to the cinema on September 29. First recommends it, here is our review:

Christophe Honoré takes literally the definition of a film, a reconfiguration of space and those who inhabit it, at a given time. His camera takes over the Marigny theater in Paris. The filmmaker rehearsals for a play adapted from Proust’s work, with a Comédie-Française troupe including Laurent Lafitte and Dominique Blanc. Unfortunately, the health crisis in the fall of 2020 leads to confinement and with it, the scheduled end of said show. What to do ? Continue to play even without the prospect of performances, just for the beauty of the gesture, or go home? This moment of hesitation becomes the very substance of the film, when suddenly the minds of the theater find themselves stuck in uncertainty. We quickly leave the shores of true-false making of for that of fiction, that is to say at this precise place where the game allows the rags of reality to be removed to reveal characters in action colliding with the walls of ‘A world apart. Everything is true, everything is false, everything is permitted. Christophe Honoré, actor-director, moves the lines and his troupe with it, in the empty decor of the theater. In these conditions, each corner is a territory of the game in its own right, forming a vast limitless stage. The place is no longer a sanctuary but a domestic space where one lives with (on!) The other; where Proust’s words no longer have that intimidating overhang but rival those of ” outside ” ; where the spirits heat up and heat up; where the night stretches out to let in ghosts; where the bodies dance, unfold and breathe to breathe the vibrations of the story into the very interior of the frame. Guermantes is an intelligent, refreshing and intoxicating film.

The trailer for Guermantes :

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