Guillaume Canet on the success of Les Petits Mouchoirs: “I didn’t expect it at all!”

The Little Handkerchiefs

The great success of the actor-director returns this Sunday on W9.

In December 2010, First met Guillaume Canet to talk about the crazy success of his Small Handkerchiefs, who had just passed Inception at the French box office, thus taking first place in the box office of the year (Source: Ciné-Figures). Just before breaking this record, the screenwriter and director of this film of friends had answered the questions of the magazine premiereand had precisely delivered his impressions on the unexpected hit of his friends’ film (Marion Cotillard -which is also on the bill ofInception-, FRançois Cluzet, Jean Dujardin, Benoit Magimel, Anne Marivin, Gilles Lellouche…). Here is an excerpt from the interview, while waiting to see the film again on W9, on this Sunday evening:

First: Did you imagine for a single moment that The Little Handkerchiefs can make such a box (4.3 million entries at time of writing) ?
Guillaume Canet : Honestly, no. The film is quite long, which already limits the number of sessions to four per day. And when you create such a personal work, you can’t imagine that so many spectators will identify with what you’re telling. That’s what gave me the most pleasure, that the people I meet in the street tell me that they found themselves in these characters. Whatever their social class or their universe. I was not expecting it at all.

What will Leonardo DiCaprio think when The Little Handkerchiefs will have exceeded Inception to become the biggest success of the year in France?

It will come out to me that at the global level, we are still far (laughs).

The Little Handkerchiefs : biggest French success of the year

A few weeks after this interview, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 finally beat The Little Handkerchiefs, accumulating 6 million tickets against 5.4. It was played by little, but the film by Guillaume Canet remains a major success of French cinema, which has since made the happiness of the M6 ​​group, which rebroadcasts it regularly. Canet also offered him a sequel, We will grow old together, in 2019. He told us about it in detail here.

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