Guillaume Canet: “The heroes of We will finish together reflect my imperfections”

Little handkerchiefs

In the continuation of Small handkerchiefs, Guillaume Canet offers a look at friendship even darker, even more bitter, still cynical, therefore… even more fascinating. Back to its genesis

A week after Little handkerchiefs and Rock’n Roll, M6 continues its Guillaume Canet cycle by offering We will end up together, the continuation of his big success of 2010. We had met him in 2019 to talk about it.

When writing the Small handkerchiefs, did you have in mind the idea of ​​a possible sequel?

Guillaume Canet : Absolutely not. Because Small handkerchiefs was born very instinctively. It all started with a sepsis which led me straight to the hospital where, for a month, no one came to see me! I come out, I go to see a friend of always who passes, him also a difficult course in his life. We take the lead. He asks me to go out because he does not want depressive people at his place! I come away with a particularly bitter statement on friendship and I write Little handkerchiefs… In a month and a half. This film is therefore imbued with a very heightened emotion, not controlled and which therefore goes very far into pathos. I have been criticized for it and I understand it very well. It is a film divisive by its shamelessness. People who liked me walked. Many others wondered why I was going to piss them off with my problems

The former were more numerous than the latter. But you have often explained that you have not experienced the success of Small handkerchiefs at its true value…

The morning of the film’s release, I learned that one of our friends had just killed himself on a motorcycle in the same way as the character of Jean (Dujardin) in the film. How then to rejoice in anything? How to appreciate success? That’s why, for years, I put Little handkerchiefs next to. When people explained to me their desire to see these characters again, it seemed unthinkable to me.

Weren’t you surprised they wanted to find these unfriendly or likeable characters again?

No because, for me, Little handkerchiefs – like We will end up together – is a satire. These characters reflect… all the bad sides of me and my friends. These imperfections spoke to those who loved the film. But, for a long time, the pathos that I had put there in all sincerity was unbearable to me. So I didn’t want to find this tape again. Even if I owe to Small handkerchiefs one of the greatest satisfactions of my life: this email where Lawrence Kasdan wrote to me that Small handkerchiefs He had deeply moved him and was in his eyes one of the worthy heirs of his film …

What makes you change your mind?

Years later, I stumble across the movie on TV. And then I laugh, I cry at the end … Anyway, for the first time, I tell myself that I would like to find them. Then during the promotion of Rock n roll, I realize that I am reaching an age when my entourage and I do not react at all in the same way as before. Because in 10 years, we have all lost a parent, we remarried or we had children. Everyone’s priorities are therefore no longer the same. And since we are aware of having less time, we say things to each other much more frankly. So I wanted to find the characters of Small handkerchiefs in this situation where they were going to settle the accounts. To know if, once their four truths have been told, they will end up together or not.

We have the feeling that with We will end up together, you drive the point home Small handkerchiefs. That you go even further in the dark with characters impossible to save …

The film is more cynical. Since unlike what was happening in Little handkerchiefs, we tell the truths in the face instead of silencing them. Like an update once and for all. And, indeed, the inventory is tough. But if I show characters far from perfect, lost or having lost their illusions, I also point to the certainty that together, they can be stronger. But before understanding it, each locked up in their own problems, their exchanges are indeed very violent.

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