Guillermo del Toro analyzes Zodiac, his favorite Fincher

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Warner bros

“Zodiac is a one-sock movie”.

James Ellroy is not the only one to adore Zodiac (despite “pitiful performances of actors” he said in 2014): Guillermo del Toro is a big fan of David Fincher’s film. And he wanted to share his passion for the director of Fight Club to his followers, embarking on an analysis in 13 tweets of de Zodiac, the police thriller with Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr, which will be rebroadcast at the end of the weekend on Arte. A huge film, among the most important of the 21st century, which had been very unfairly snubbed at the 2008 Oscars (zero nominations!).

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As a preamble, the Mexican filmmaker has drawn up his top 3 Fincher films, which he says consists of Zodiac, Seven and The Game, specifying that he was seeing again Zodiacat least twice a year“Obviously, when Del Toro stumbles upon a rerun of the film, he is mesmerized by Fincher’s direction:”Zodiac is a ‘one-sock movie’, that is to say: you are dressing, you fall on it on TV, you sit (with a sock in your hand) and you watch it until the end“.

And so here is the translation of Del Toro’s thread:

All great films operate on several levels. Some are obvious: the dramaturgy (writing, plot, character, structure), the work of image and sound as tools of storytelling, staging / editing and acting, but the real great movies have even deeper roots. In the case of Zodiac, all the formal elements become almost hypnotic… He rocks you in a different world and takes what was real by making it symbolic. It puts you in a trance-like state that makes everything operate on an even deeper level.

EVERYTHING happening on screen is equally important. It is extremely difficult. What I mean by that is you watch a eating scene or the intense exploration of a basement with the same ecstatic attention. From a tonal point of view, the film is ‘one piece’, it is a unity of space and cinematic reality. It transcends all of its individual elements and makes them inseparable. Few films achieve this. No Country For Old Men is one of those.

Death of Dave Toschi, the investigator who was tracking the Zodiac killer

Finally, responding to one of his followers who said he would see the film again following his tweets, Del Toro insisted on the importance of seeing and reviewing masterpieces as Zodiac: For big movies, like diamonds, you have to dig. Sometimes it takes effort, but it’s worth the effort. These films rarely strike us on first viewing. But with repetition we love them for life.

In short, you know what you have to do: review Zodiac with a sock in hand.

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