Guillermo del Toro is set to resurrect Hallucinated Mountains for Netflix

As well as his adaptation of the Count of Monte Cristo, but for smaller budgets.

As he starts promoting his new film, Nightmare alley, Guillermo del Toro returns to the podcast microphone The Kingcast on his desire to shoot the adaptation of Hallucinated mountains, one of HP Lovecraft’s cult horror novels that he has dreamed of bringing to the screen for 15 years. same for me The count of Monte Cristo, the classic by Alexandre Dumas, for which he wrote the screenplay in the mid-1990s, transforming the story into a gothic western. “So guess what are the first projects that I proposed to Netflix?, begins the director about his scriptwriter / producer and director deal signed with the platform in 2020 (he has since started the preparation of his Pinocchio). I searched in my hood and found Monte Cristo and The Hallucinated Mountains. These are the first two that I presented to them. “

Guillermo Del Toro lists all his unrealized projects

At the Mountains of Madness was almost done in the early 2010s at Universal, with Tom Cruise as the star, important special effects and a ban on spectators under the age of 17 unaccompanied by an adult. This film would then have cost a hundred million dollars, but the studio finally backtracked, to the great regret of the filmmaker, who has repeatedly mentioned his desire to shoot it since. The big winner of the Oscar for Best Picture 2018 for The Shape of Water do not give up, even if he explains that he will have to rewrite his project to hope to turn it for the platform. “The screenplay that I co-wrote fifteen years ago is not the one I will use, I have to rework it. Not just to reduce its ambitions, but because at the time I had it. had designed to fit into the big studio machine, to make it a blockbuster. I think it’s about time I came to terms with that. I can make a smaller version, but more bizarre and esoteric, where I I could take the opportunity to reintegrate scenes that I had put aside. For example, I had designed large scenes without really wanting to shoot them. I had already done this type of sequence, so I would like to go to a stranger direction. I know a few things will stick. The ending we had was particularly intriguing, uncomfortable and unexpected for me. There must be four such horrific streaks in the original script that I really like. “

Here is the trailer for Nightmare alley, which will be released in France on January 19, 2022:

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