Hafsia Herzi goes behind the camera in commando mode: encounter

The actress directed You Deserve a Love under extreme conditions. For a very touching result.

Revealed by her role in The grain and the mule ofAbdellatif Kechiche, Hafsia Herzi released its first production at the end of 2019, You deserve a love, a touching and funny film noticed during the Cannes festival and then celebrated at the Angoulême festival. We had met the actress there, and now a filmmaker. Here is his interview, to wait until the broadcast of the film, this evening on Arte, at 10:35 p.m., just after Alice and the Mayorwhich the editorial staff also recommends. A great movie night in perspective!

You deserve a love: Hafsia Herzi’s beautiful first film [Critique]

The story of You deserve a love : Following Rémi’s infidelity, Lila, who loved him more than anything, had a hard time breaking up. One day, he announces to her that he is going to Bolivia alone to come face to face with himself and try to understand his mistakes. There, he gives her to understand that their story is not over… Between discussions, comforts and encouragement to love madness, Lila loses her way…

You deserve a love – Anthony Bajon: “Hafsia Herzi wanted everything to be as close as possible to reality”

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