Hailee Steinfeld – Hawkeye: “Kate Bishop can go anywhere”

Hawkeye Kate Bishop

The actress has spoken about her character’s future in the MCU. Will she come back behind the arc?

While the first season of the series Hawkeye, on the character of Clint Barton played by Jeremy renner in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ended on Disney + on December 22, the actress Hailee Steinfeld reflected on her work on the show and her future in the MCU.

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Carrying the role of Kate Bishop, the protégé of Hawkeye, the young woman shared the poster with Renner and became a full character in the Marvel universe. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actress has spoken about the future of her role, explaining that with the development that Kate Bishop has experienced throughout the series, she will now be able to “go anywhere”.

“I think she’s forced to face the reality of what it means to be a superhero. It’s not just about jumping up buildings and making people smile. There are, as she does. Said, collateral damage that can go hand in hand. But that doesn’t stop her. I think it unsettles her and changes the way she sees things, but it doesn’t stop this burning fire within her that ultimately wants help people and protect them. She knows she can do it. And I think that alone can get us anywhere “, says Steinfeld.

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Likewise, Hailee Steinfeld recounted her experience filming alongside Jeremy Renner, which apparently helped the actress’ transition into an already very connoted universe. In the columns of Digital spy, the interpreter of Kate Bishop explained that the experience “a little intimidating” became “a smooth entry into these worlds”. “And I think I owe that to the people around me – and to Jeremy, she adds. I mean, right now, I feel like where I might have thought I was prepared for this, given what I’ve done in my career, in my life, before … I feel like you knew, and it was just going to be something different and of its own kind. And it was. “ Note that Hailee Steinfeld already has a busy career at only 25 years old: she was nominated in 2010 for the Oscar for best actress in a supporting role for her performance in True Grit of the Coen brothers, when she was only 13 years old.

“I felt very lucky to have Jeremy as an ally and, once again, everyone involved in making this series as amazing as possible”, concludes the actress.

Broadcast since November 24, the series Hawkeye is available in full on Disney +. His trailer:

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