Halloween arrives on Arte with a selection of creepy short films

Julia Ducournau’s very first achievement is in the list. Who is amazed?

For Halloween, Arte is thrilling with a selection of genre shorts. Understand here that it is about horror, and for the scariest season of the year, that goes without saying. Available online, this selection includes twelve shorts, nine of which are already ready to be viewed. The other three will arrive on the official Arte website on October 30, the eve of Halloween. Two specials and a selection of five films available only online complete this special program. And because a picture is worth a thousand words, and it also works with movies, First has chosen to present this selection with three short films that caught the eye of the editorial staff.

Junior by Julia Ducournau (2011)

In the selection of short films, we find in particular the very first realization of the filmmaker Julia Ducournau, Palme d’Or in Cannes for Titanium, who will represent France at the next Oscars ceremony. This short film, Junior, marks the director’s first step in genre cinema. He explores, as Serious and Titanium, the theme of the body and transformation. It tells the story of 13-year-old Justine, a tomboy girl who undergoes a strange metamorphosis after being diagnosed with severe gastroenteritis. Presented during the 50th Critics’ Week in Cannes in 2011, this short already had the director’s favorite actress, Garance Marillier, in its cast.

It’s Titane, by Julia Ducournau, who will represent France at the 2022 Oscars

I love sarah jane by Spencer Susser (2008)

With his fifth short film, Spencer Susser presents a post-apocalyptic world where zombies have invaded the streets through the eyes of a teenage boy in love. The hero, Jimbo, is in love with the beautiful Sarah Jane. He is ready to do anything to talk to her, and does not hesitate to let his friends have fun with the zombies in order to be able to get closer to the pretty teenage girl. Because if the fight for survival is not won, Jimbo may have a chance with the girl he loves.

In this short, we recognize a famous face: the beautiful Sarah Jane has indeed taken the features of Mia Wasikowska, Alice in Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton.

Heat (Hitte) by Thessa Meijer (2019)

Shortest film proposed by Arte in its special horror program, Heat (Where Hitte in Dutch), has nothing to envy to his longer comrades. Presenting an ice cream shop as charming as it is doubtful, it features a shy young girl taking refuge in an ice cream parlor during an extreme heat wave. But beware of looking too much at the charming salesman’s eyes, she might melt.

The rest of the selection can be found on the official website of Arte. Note that the first medium-length film by Gaspar Noé, Carne, produced in 1991, will be available on the site from October 30. Inside, a butcher is raising his mentally handicapped daughter Cynthia on his own in the Porte de Pantin district. Noticing that she is having her first period, Cynthia rushes into her father’s butchery. Seeing her bloodstained skirt, he believes in rape and lets himself be overcome by hatred.

Dorothy’s demons of Alexis Langlois will also join the selection, as well as Inherent scored by Nicolai GH Johansen.

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