Halloween Kills: a big disappointment [critique]

After the brilliant success of his Halloween sequel / reboot in 2018, David Gordon Green disappoints with a clumsy new part, where Michael Myers turns in circles.

the Halloween vintage 2018 was a superb promise. Relaunching the matrix franchise of slasher under the leadership of Jason Blum and Big John (Carpenter) himself, David Gordon Green had succeeded in making the murderous wanderings of the ancient world relevant again. bogeyman Michael Myers, after 40 years of abuse. Avoiding all the traps of our revival-doped era (nostalgia, winks, meta irony), he struck hard by returning to the fundamentals: simplicity, brutality, Jamie Lee Curtis in majesty. The disappointment caused by this Halloween kills is therefore up to the hope raised. Breaking away from the figure of the resilient babysitter Laurie Strode (Curtis), here reduced to the rank of a luxury extra, Gordon Green attempts to broaden the extremely minimalist framework of the saga and hold up a mirror to post-America. Trump, by focusing on the traumas of the other inhabitants of Haddonfield – Laurie’s daughter and granddaughter, Sheriff Hawkins, survivors of the original film who have grown up (little Tommy, whom Laurie was babysitting on the first “night masks ”, performed here by Anthony Michael Hall), and so on. That is to say a lot (too) of people for a film without a center of gravity, nor real intentions, if not that, so showy that it becomes unpleasant, to pass the dishes while waiting for the big piece, the ultimate clash between Laurie and Michael, who will be at the heart of the next opus announced for 2022, Halloween Ends. The end ofHalloween ? Promises, always promises …

By David Gordon Green. With Jamie Lee Curtis, Andi Matichak, Anthony Michael Hall… Duration 1h46. Release October 20, 2021

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