Happy Birthday John Williams!

Happy Birthday John Williams!

The 90-year-old composer has plenty of projects in 2022: Indiana Jones 5 and The Fabelmans soundtracks, concerts in Europe and the United States…

On this February 8, 2022, John Williams turns 90. And he has no intention of retiring! The famous composer has several projects on fire in this year 2022. On the cinema side, he is attached to the creation of the soundtrack ofIndiana Jones 5a saga for which he has composed the music for all the episodes since The Raiders of the Lost Ark, in 1981. The next blockbuster in the saga will still be worn by Harrison Ford, but this time directed by James Mangold. Filmed last summer, its release has been postponed to June 28, 2023.
The artist will also find Steven Spielberg to set to music his film inspired by his own childhood, The Fabelmans (which should start filming soon). This will be their 29th collaboration, 48 years later Sugarland Express. Loyalty rewarded several times at the Oscars: John Williams is the most nominated personality in the context of this ceremony with 52 mentions in all, including 17 for Spielberg films. Among his five statuettes won, three were for films by the American filmmaker: Jawsin 1975, AND the extra-terrestrialin 1982, and Schindler’s Listin 1993. His other prizes were awarded to him for the music ofA fiddler on the roofby Norman Jewison, in 1971, and for the very first Star Warsby George Lucas, in 1977.

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In addition to these two soundtracks on which he is committed, John Williams should also lead a handful of concerts between March and November, if the sanitary measures linked to the Covid allow it. In particular in Vienna, where two lives are scheduled for March 12 and 13, precisely to celebrate its 90th birthday. He should conduct classical orchestras there playing his most famous tunes, as in the album John Williams: Live in Vienna, released last year. Another disc is also recently available: John Williams: The Berlin Concert, a 93-minute double album recorded on November 14 and 16 with the Philharmonic of the German capital. The opportunity to rediscover the unforgettable themes of Jurassic Park, Superman or Solo: A Star Wars Storybut also pieces that were not composed for the cinema, like “Elegy for Cello Orchestra”.

On June 23, the Kennedy Center will organize with the American Symphony Orchestra a “90th Anniversary Gala” in honor of the composer and precisely in the presence of Steven Spielberg. This one should once again have tender words for his friend, as when he spoke when he won a Life Achievement Award from the American Film Institute in 2016 (relayed by variety): “Without John Williams, bicycles wouldn’t really fly, nor broomsticks at Quidditch matches, or men with red capes. There would be no Force. Dinosaurs wouldn’t walk the earth. We wouldn’t sob , we wouldn’t have any expectations, we wouldn’t believe it. John, it’s your breath that makes us believe in all the movies we’ve made.”

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