Harrison Ford injured on the set of Indiana Jones 5

Harrison Ford injured on the set of Indiana Jones 5

The 78-year-old actor had already hurt his back on that of 2, The Cursed Temple, in 1983.

The shooting ofIndiana Jones 5 started a few days ago in England, and if the production tries to keep it as secret as possible, fans have already seen the actor Harrison ford in costume, as well as a train covered with Nazi crests, which suggests that the adventurer will once again face his flagship enemies of the saga.

This Indiana Jones 5 set video confirms Indian will face Nazis again

Bad news, this week, the 78-year-old comedian injured his shoulder while rehearsing a fight scene. The time to know its severity and the duration of the treatment, the schedule of the film is modified so that Harrison Ford rests. However, director James Mangold continues to shoot other sequences, and this one is not stopped, details a spokesperson for Disney (relayed in particular by Variety): “The production will continue until the appropriate treatment is found, then the shooting schedule will be modified as necessary in the coming weeks.”

This is not the first time that Harrison Ford is injured on a film set: in 1983, his back hurt a lot on the set of Cursed temple, which took place in Sri Lanka. He had to be repatriated urgently to the United States to be hospitalized there for six weeks. Steven Spielberg had however managed to continue filming with his understudy, before filming close-ups of the actor on his return. More recently, it is on the plateau of Awakening the Force he hurt himself when a heavy Millennium Falcon door closed on his leg.

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