Harry Potter 2: “I have a little regret: we had to cut the scene of the birthday of Nick Near-Headless”

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Harry Potter 2: "I have a little regret: we had to cut the scene of the birthday of Nick Near-Headless"
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Chris Columbus regrets not having been able to integrate “this fabulous sequence from the book” by JK Rowling, to be seen again tonight on TF1.

TF1 continues the programming of the saga Harry potter Thursday evening, proposing at 9:05 p.m. The Chamber of Secrets. That’s good : First celebrates the 20th anniversary of the first film in the summer special. After sharing an excerpt from the exciting “oral story” where David Heyman explained to have hesitated between several directors for the original opus, here is a passage devoted to the second film, where Chris Columbus tells how this sequel was a greater adventure, even if he regrets not having been able to integrate a scene from JK Rowling’s book he adored: the 500th anniversary of the death of Nearly Headless Nick, the ghost of Hogwarts played by John Cleese.

Harry Potter: “Many would have liked Terry Gilliam to shoot the first film”

School of wizards came out on a Friday in mid-November and the following Monday, we were back on the sets, remembers the director. The second team had already been filming scenes for several weeks, including that of the flying car… (…) The Chamber of Secrets was a real adventure film, more epic and more spectacular. In School of wizards, there is still forty-five minutes of introduction. In the second film, we are immediately immersed in the story and that makes a hell of a difference. And then there is action. That was what attracted me from the start. When children are asked what is their favorite book from the series, The Chamber of Secrets is rarely mentioned. Still, it’s a magnificent book because it has one of the simplest, most intense stories. And for the cinema, it’s great: the basil scene, the spider sequence… There were very stimulating pieces of bravery for a director. On the set, I was like an 8-year-old kid and I was impatiently awaiting these scenes … (…) I have a little regret: we had to cut the scene from Nick’s birthday Almost-sans- head. It’s a fabulous sequence from the book: for the 500th anniversary of his death, he gives a ghost night. It’s funny, creepy, mythological! I would have loved to shoot it, but I knew that we were moving too far from the story and that it would have upset the balance of the film… When we made the decision to remove it from the script, Jo (JK Rowling, author of the novels Harry potter, editor’s note), Steve (Kloves, the screenwriter), Dave (David Heyman, the producer) and I were really sad. In the end, I was exhausted from my years at Hogwarts, but I have really vivid memories of the filming and post-production of this episode. “

The full interview can be read in the special issue of First special Harry Potter. The American director also tells about the support of the team when the drama of September 11, 2001, seen from the English studios of Leavesden arrived or its exhaustion following the sequence of the two blockbusters, and Daniel Radcliffe details his many challenges, such as the shooting spectacular action scenes (the Whomping Willow!) or a sequence where he had to hold the owl Hedwig at arm’s length.

Summary of the special edition Première n ° 15: special 20 years of Harry Potter

The story of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets : While Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia and his cousin Dudley receive important dinner guests, Harry Potter is forced to spend the evening in his room. Dobby, an elf, then appears. He announces to her that terrible dangers threaten the Hogwarts school and that he must not return there in September. Harry refuses to believe it.
But as soon as the new school year is over, the latter hears a malicious voice. She tells him that the fearsome and legendary Chamber of Secrets is once again open, allowing the Slytherin heir to wreak havoc at Hogwarts. The victims, found petrified by a mysterious force, follow one another in the halls of the school, without the teachers – not even the popular Gilderoy Lockhart – managing to contain the threat. Helped by Ron and Hermione, Harry must act quickly to save Hogwarts.

Trailer :

Harry Potter: Jason Isaacs didn’t want to play Lucius Malfoy … but Gilderoy Lockhart!

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