Harry Potter becomes Weird Al: the trailer for the biopic worn by Daniel Radcliffe

The rise of the singer and humorist, who was a hit in the USA in the 80s with his parodies of popular songs.

We don’t really know who it is in France. But ” Weird Al Yankovic is a real star on the other side of the Atlantic. This singer and humorist became famous in the 1980s, by signing parodies of contemporary popular songs. Like “Eat it” to pastiche Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” or “Like a Surgeon”, replaying Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”…

It is this parody that we hear in the trailer for Weird, the biopic dedicated to Al Yankovic. The funny thing is that it’s Harry Pottera.k.a Daniel Radcliffe, who puts himself in the skin of the comic. Cultivating his humorous fiber for some time, with the crazy series Miracle Workers in particular, the English actor puts on a curly toupee of the most beautiful effect, large glasses and an accordion, to tell the ascension of WeirdAl, become a real star of the scene. A film that should play between serious elements from the real story of the singer, but told in a slightly crazy way…

In the casting, we will find Rainn Wilson (of The Office), Julianne Nicholson (of Mare of Easttown) and Evan Rachel Wood (of Westworld in the skin of Madonna).

Co-written by Yankovic himself, the film Weirddirected by Eric Appel, does not yet have a release date, but will arrive in theaters this fall.

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