Harry Potter: Emma Watson tells her love at first sight for Tom Felton on the set

Harry Potter: Emma Watson tells her love at first sight for Tom Felton on the set
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At ten, Hermione’s interpreter fell in love with Draco Malfoy’s.

Back to Hogwarts, the special broadcast recorded by Warner Bros. to celebrate 20 years of Harry potter at the cinema, arrives on HBO Max on Saturday January 1, and the next day in France on Salto, but the first revelations are already shared by English-speaking journalists. Digital spy thus publishes the words of Emma Watson (Hermione) about her playing partner Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy), for whom she fell in love with the set of the first film, Harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone.

Aged 10 when she was chosen to play the young heroine, she fell in love with her 13-year-old colleague, and if this is not the first time that she has mentioned this childhood crush, she remembers here precisely of their meeting, and takes the opportunity to deny the rumor that they went out together during their adolescence: “I walked into the room where we were training. Our exercise for the day was drawing a picture of God, the way we envisioned him, and Tom had drawn a girl with a cap upside down, perched on a skateboard. I don’t know how to put it another way, I just fell in love with him. I used to get backstage looking at the schedule for the day. I knew his character had the number 7 and if her name appeared next to her number, I knew I would have an extra day. “ She adds that nothing has ever happened between them romantically speaking, “never, never, never”, but that they remained friends and that they “adore each other” since the Harry Potter experience.

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Felton reveals to have taught him that the young actress was flashing on him some time later. “I think I was sitting down for the hair and makeup? Someone just said to me, ‘Yeah, she’s believing on you.’ I became very protective of her. I always loved her, and it continues to this day. ‘” He also shared behind-the-scenes photos of Harry Potter on his Insgram account, along with Emma Watson, but also Alfred Enoch (Dean Thomas), Daniel Radcliffe (Harry) or Maggie Smith (Minerva McGonagall).

Here’s the trailer for Back to Hogwarts:

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