Harry Potter’s Cute Mistake: Return to Hogwarts

Harry Potter's Cute Mistake: Return to Hogwarts
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When taking out the childhood photos, Emma Watson was mistaken for Emma Roberts!

Back to Hogwarts, the special program dedicated to the 20 years of Harry Potter, at the cinema is filled with touching anecdotes about the saga. Emma watson, the interpreter of Hermione Granger, is particularly present, explaining for example having fallen for her partner Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) when she was ten years old or revealing that her sudden fame had been difficult to manage during her adolescence and thatshe had almost abandoned the saga hit after the fourth film (The goblet of fire). The interviews of the actors are interspersed with archive images, and we see for example a little brunette girl with brown eyes sporting Minnie ears, photographed in full breakfast. A very young Emma Watson? Well no: it is aboutEmma roberts, another actress born in the early 1990s, who has nothing to do with Harry potter (we saw it in particular in The Millers: A Budding Family Where American Horror Story).

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The creators of the special have confused the two actresses, and it was not lost on an Emma Roberts fan, who tweeted a screenshot of Back to Hogwarts and associated it with the original snapshot, shared by the actress on her account Instagram. “Guys help me, it’s Emma Roberts, this, not Emma Watson”, she posted this weekend, amused by the error. A wave of the magic wand and it may be fixed by the design team Back to Hogwarts ?
The show can in any case be found on HBO Max in English and on Salto for the French public.

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