Has Hayden Christensen been digitally rejuvenated for his scenes in Kenobi?

Hayden Christensen in Kenobi

41 years old today, the actor has not moved much physically since the prelogy. But…

In its recent history, Star Wars never really shied away from using CGI to play with time and the natural aging of its actors. Like when Mark Hamill made a spectacular appearance in The Mandalorian… With the series Obi-Wan Kenobiwe said that Hayden Christensen or Ewan McGregor too would be digitally rejuvenated. But so far… Spoiler alert!

A doubt remains, however, concerning the duel between Obi and Anakin Skywalker, in the long flashback scene of episode 5, which brings us back to Coruscant. We are back to the time of Attack of the Clones. That’s fifteen years back from the Disney + series in the Timeline Star Wars – and more than 20 years after the filming of George Lucas’ film.

Under these conditions, Anakin’s youthful face seems to clearly indicate the use of special effects, in post-production. The facelift is light because, as noted for example ScreenRantthe actor has aged little. Hayden Christensen, 41, has no marked features and his face has withered little since the Prelogy. Nevertheless, CGI there has been.

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the specialized site MakingStarWars revealed it several months ago, already saying at the time that “in a flashback scene featuring Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywaker, the actor will be digitally aged using computer-generated effects.”

Obviously, we just saw the scene in question in episode 5 of Kenobi. Although some fans feel that the facelift has been too light. An Internet user thus had fun recreating the sequence at home, by integrating into the image a “Digitally De-Aged” version of Hayden Christensen. We let you be the judge of the difference:

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