Haters: Kev Adams unveils a first very meta trailer for his Amazon movie

“I realize that those who have rage against me, it is because they have rage against themselves.”

Kev Adams does he have a message for us? Now 30 years old, the eternal former teenager of French comedy returns with Haters, a new film that largely plays the card of self-fiction. Himself much criticized on social networks, the actor and comedian slips into the shoes of a YouTuber who goes to meet Internet users who have violently criticized him after a video that turned into a bad buzz. Mea culpa or settling of scores with his haters? The trailer revealed by Kev does not say so clearly.

To embody his haters, Kev Adams has surrounded himself with a bunch of very heterogeneous guests (Nadia Fares, Elie Semoun, Audrey Fleurot, Franck Dubosc, rapper Seth Gueko …), but who do not play their own role as in Simply Black. After almost three years of purgatory, will the actor make a success of his comeback? Haters, which will be available on December 3 on Prime Video, will give us a first element of answer before its return to the cinema in Retirement home (MDR) by Thomas Gilou and Love is better than life by Claude Lelouch, two films which will be released in theaters in 2022.

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