Hawkeye: a season 2 is entirely possible [exclu]

Hawkeye clint barton

Even though it was thought of as a mini-series, producer and director Rhys Thomas wants to “keep exploring this world …”

Yes Loki revolutionized the MCU by introducing the multiverse, so Falcon has established a new Captain America for the sequel to the saga, though WandaVision transformed the Scarlet Witch into a powerful legendary entity, Hawkeye, – which ends this Wednesday on Disney + – will have been a big fun trip. Just fun!

No, the series will clearly not have a major impact on the Marvel Universe sequel. The adventures of Clint Barton and Kate Bishop are not going to upset the current Phase 4 more than that. “This is an independent story”, confirms the producer and director Rhys Thomas, who also specifies “that we can understand Hawkeye without necessarily having seen everything before the franchise … “

Hawkeye: the trailer for the final which promises the arrival of the “boss”

He tempers all the same by promising that certain faces (Kingpin? Yelena?) Crossed in New York are intended to return in the next parts of the franchise: “Now, we’ve still introduced a few new characters, which we’ve sketched out in our series that will certainly end up in the MCU a bit later. “

And why not in a season 2 of Hawkeye ? Rhys Thomas reveals to Première not to close the door to this hypothesis:

“The most cheerful thing about this series are these two protagonists: Clint and Kate. We have set up a great dynamic in my opinion, a relationship that shows a real chemistry. So yes, we could perfectly consider continuing to explore this world … Even if there is no plan at the moment (for a season 2) “.

Nothing is planned, but everything is open. Waiting for, Hawkeye will end this Wednesday, December 22, on Disney +.

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