Hawkeye, episode 5: comeback and big hooves

hawkeye episode 5

A former Marvel villain has returned to the MCU today. Teased in almost every episode, this comeback, awaited for weeks, was no longer a surprise.

The shock is about as strong as when Yelena was seen landing in Hawkeye last week … As evidence written for weeks, Episode 5 saw a former Marvel villain return to the MCU and the surprise clearly wasn’t complete. Attention spoilers!

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Indeed, Kingpin, alias Le Caïd, alias Wilson Fisk, alias the villain of Daredevil, entered Hawkeye… as it was announced with more or less subtlety from the start. Yes, obviously, this “big guy”, the “big boss” of New York, who works in the shadows, it is him. Everyone had guessed it for quite some time and the big revelation concluding episode 5 suddenly took on the air of a stale twist.

Nevertheless, it is an event. Because this is the very first time that Netflix’s Marvel franchise has been featured in the MCU. For now, Vincent D’Onofrio only appeared in one photo, sent by Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) to Kate Bishop. A snapshot that reveals that her own mother, Eleanor Bishop (Vera Farmiga), hired Natasha’s sister to kill Clint and that she works with a massive guy in a white suit …

hawkeye episode 5

“He’s the guy I was worried about from the start. Kingpin“, confirms Hawkeye in the process.

So what role will he have in the series finale next week? Recall that Wilson Fisk was last seen in the very last episode of Daredevil (in 2018 on Netflix). After being defeated by the Masked Avenger, he was dragged to prison for good. But that was before Thanos’ “snap”! Clearly he has since been released or managed to escape, regaining his old ways … and his old rival?

Will Charlie Cox be the last cameo of Hawkeye / Christmas gift from Marvel? Of course, we ask ourselves the question. Especially since the entry on the scene of the Caïd coincides exactly with the return of the lawyer Matt Murdock, in Spider-Man: No Way Home, which is now theatrically released in France. Kingpin and Daredevil land in the MCU at the same time … It’s strong! And now, we dream of finding them face to face in Hawkeye ! There, the surprise would be really successful …

Yelena and the sequel Black widow

What is certain is that Yelena will be at the center of the final. She will inevitably be entitled to a great confrontation with Clint Barton, so that he explains to her what really happened in Endgame and how her sister sacrificed herself for the world.

While waiting to see that, episode 5 began with a sort of epilogue to the film. Black widow. Indeed, we saw the Soviet killer continue her mission to decontaminate her comrades from “The Red Room”, thanks to this famous antidote (seen last summer at the cinema). The old one Black widow is on the right side now … until she suddenly disappears. In an instant, she was seen to be erased from reality, then come back 5 years later, which seemed like just a second to her. Yelena was one of Thanos’ victims, and her return to the world of 2023 was a rough one.

Yelena hawkeye

In any case, she wants to take advantage of being in New York to go see the “new and improved Statue of Libertyshe said. What is Yelena talking about? Hawkeye refers here to Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Because in the film – as the trailer has already revealed (below) – the Statue of Liberty has been redesigned to include a gigantic shield of Captain America. Two nods to the new MCU movie hitting theaters on the same day as this episode of Hawkeye on Disney + … They’ve really thought of everything at Marvel.

No way home statue of liberty
Sony / Marvel

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