Hawkeye: weirdly jovial trailer for the new Marvel series

Hawkeye marvel

Clint Barton teams up with a young hothead over the Christmas holidays. Snowball, and New Years Day, and Happy New Year Marvel.

“For these holiday season, the best gifts are right on target.” Even the catchphrase is oddly perky … Disney just unveiled the first trailer for Hawkeye, his new Marvel series. And, far from what we expect, the video promises a fun and burlesque adventure, almost a Christmas story for the whole family …

In a jovial atmosphere that the MCU is little used to (this Broadway musical dedicated to Steve Rogers looks great), we find Clint Barton, devoted father, very happy to have found his wife and children after Thanos’ defeat in Avengers: Endgame. Hawkeye intends to tidy up cars and high risk missions. Only here, his recent past as an assassin catches up with him. Indeed, we remember that after the snap, he had completely unscrewed, become Ronin, a masked avenger without limit, who unsoldered the godfathers of the global underworld in the chain. The latter have obviously not forgotten and will hunt him down, forcing Clint to hide his family.

Along the way, he will meet a small archer with a well-hung tongue (played by Hailee Steinfeld) that he will take under his wing. Kate Bishop, almost as good as him with arrows, is doomed to be the new one Hawkeye and to take over in the Avengers …

Series Hawkeye in 6 episodes will be on view on the Disney Plus platform from November 24 until the end of the year celebrations.

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