Hawkeye: When is the Marvel series set in the MCU timeline? [exclu]

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Producer and director, Rhys Thomas answers us and reveals to us which Clint Barton will be agitated in this new television spin-off of the Avengers.

It is not the most powerful of Avengers. Nor the richest. Nor the coolest. But Clint Barton is certainly the most human of all. Moreover, it is “Family Clint“that we will find in the coming weeks, throughout the series Hawkeye – which begins today on Disney Plus – as described by director Rhys Thomas, interviewed by Premiere.

Quickly seen at the time of Age of Ultron, this Clint, father and loving husband, put away his Avenger’s bow and Ronin’s saber. “He’s totally retired“, confirms Thomas, before developing and locating more precisely the series and its title hero in the vast timeline of the MCU:

“It’s about two years after Endgame. Clint is just trying to get back to a normal life, even though he’s still marked by all the hardships he’s been through over the years. You can see him, from the first episode, the psychological, but also physical cost of these past experiences. “

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In this Christmas week 2024, the former warrior still suffers from certain post-traumatic syndromes. In particular, he became almost deaf, having been exposed to the furious blasts of the war led by Thanos: “She’s a human. He doesn’t have super powers! And showing that he now wears this hearing aid is one way of demonstrating this vulnerability. Hawkeye is not Captain America. He can hurt himself. Sometimes it’s expensive. And this little detail is crucial in reminding the public of that. “

It is therefore a Hawkeye damaged, but happy father who found his family, after having erased the “Snap” of Thanos, who will find his hawk eye in the streets of New York, over the episodes of this Marvel series to see until the 22 December 2021 on Disney Plus.

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