Health pass: end of the compulsory mask in cinemas from Wednesday?

Most multiplexes should continue to impose it on spectators despite the announcement of the Minister of Health.

This Wednesday, July 21, the health pass is extended to cultural places welcoming more than 50 people. Concretely, it will be necessary to have a complete vaccination course (two doses plus a week), present a very recent negative test or a certificate of recovery for those who have already had Covid-19. But, surprise, it will no longer be compulsory to wear a mask, including in closed places such as cinemas.

This was indicated by the Minister of Health on Tuesday at the microphone of RTL, presenting the decree published that same day in the Official Journal. “Where there is the sanitary pass”, the people “will be able to remove the mask”, explained Olivier Veran while specifying that the prefects will be able to continue to impose it “in the departments depending on the epidemic situation “.

This announcement was greeted with great misunderstanding as the Covid-19 epidemic is starting up again, driven by the spread of the Delta variant, and that we can contract the virus while being vaccinated. Many cinemas were quick to announce that they would maintain the obligation to wear a mask. And they have the right to. “Wearing a mask may however be made compulsory by the departmental prefect when local circumstances justify it, as well as by the operator or the organizer.“, details the decree.

Le Figaro advance already that the mask will remain compulsory in most cinema multiplexes. A matter of common sense for Jocelyn Bouyssy, CEO of CGR, the 3rd largest French networks with Pathé and UGC, cited by the daily’s website: “In my region, near La Rochelle, the contamination figures explode while the situation was calm ten days ago. It’s a crazy thing. It is obvious that prefectural decisions will be taken. I prefer not to confuse the message with the spectators and to keep the obligatory mask.

Also at Première, we recommend that you go to the cinema while wearing the mask, for your own sake and that of all.

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