Heartbreaking Scenes From Married Life trailer starring Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac

HBO’s new series will make you cry.

Last month, HBO unveiled a short teaser of their remake, in mini-series, from Ingmar Bergman’s classic Scenes from the marital town. The story of a couple who love each other passionately, then tear each other apart. Incarnated in 1974 by Liv Ullmann and Erland Josephson, these characters are now played by Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac, who are convincing to say the least. “You first think that as a couple, nothing can hurt you, explains for example the heroine between two arguments. Phen you slowly come to understand that even the smallest thing can actually do it. “” Do you realize that the same reasons you are blaming me are the same that might attract another woman? “, her husband loses his temper a few moments later, arguing that he does not understand why she wants to leave him. This new trailer promises a moving work, signed Hagai Levi, the co-creator of The Affair. The series will be on view from September 12 on HBO Max, then on OCS in France.

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