Helen Mirren hopes to star in the next Fast and Furious

Helen Mirren in Fast and Furious 8
Universal Pictures International France

The actress interprets in the saga the character of Magdalene Shaw.

First appeared as Magdalene Shaw in Fast and Furious 8 and returned for the ninth part of the saga, Helen Mirren is full of praise for the franchise worn by Vin Diesel. Rewarded at the 28th Screen Actors Guild Awards (SAG Awards) for her entire career, the actress was interviewed by variety on some of her roles, and in particular the one she embodies in Fast and Furious. Asked about his participation in Fast and Furious 11 and 12the actress exclaimed: “Oh my God, I hope so. I’m just waiting by the phone to see if they’ll call me.”

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Because if Helen Mirren seems light years away from this kind of role, she is not afraid to affirm her love of the many genres of cinema, of which the blockbuster is a part. “I love genre work. I love working with these incredible stunt and special effects artists… It’s great to watch them work and participate in their work, and I love mixing genres. I love going from these extraordinary big-budget technical movies to a movie that’s much more about relationships and conversations than beatings.”

And for good reason, if the presence of Helen Mirren in the casting of the next car film is to be confirmed, she will in any case be on the poster for the sequel to Shazam, playing the evil Roman goddess Hespera. Zachary Levi’s film is announced for June 2023.

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