Hellbound: a fantastic new trailer for the Korean series from Netflix


“The world has become hell. Serial murders or divine justice?”

In the wake of the cardboard Squid Game, Netflix doubles the stake withHellbound, a new Korean series created by Yeon Sang-ho, the director of Last train to Busan and Peninsula. In a totally different genre, this fantastic story will tell beings from another world, who appear out of nowhere to issue a decree and condemn individuals to hell. The trailer promises a frankly original mystical series:

The synopsis: “In the heart of Seoul, terrifying events unfold before the eyes of a petrified crowd. Mysterious creatures condemn certain individuals to hell and beings from another world appear at specific times to brutally kill their victims. In the utter chaos of these inexplicable supernatural appearances, a voice rises, that of Jung Jinsu, the leader of a burgeoning religious organization called The New Truth. According to Jung Jinsu, only people guilty of sins would be condemned and these phenomena would be the expression of a divine will intended to make human beings more virtuous. Followers of the blind faith, known as La Pointe de Flèche, take it upon themselves to punish anyone who dares to oppose this will. And the world to plunge into a real hell. Lawyer Min Hyejin confronts President Jung by claiming that the apparitions from hell are only supernatural phenomena. She decides to ally herself with the few people who try to protect those condemned to hell and to give power back to human beings rather than to the gods. All stand up against the chaos caused by The New Truth. “

Based on its eponymous webtoon Hellbound will be available on November 19, on Netflix

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