Hellbound: no season 2 in sight yet according to the creator


If Yeon sang-ho is preparing the sequel to his “webtoon” well, no adaptation is yet planned to make a sequel to Hellbound on Netflix.

It’s still a huge success from South Korea. Riding the wave Squid Game, the new Netflix series called Hellbound has been a hit for a week. Season 1 in six episodes is number 1 of the platform’s Top 10 in France, but is also part of the Top 10 of 90 different countries. It is also the most watched non-English series on Netflix right now.

Hellbound netflix figures

A box that somewhat surprises the creator and director Yeon sang-ho, to whom we already owe the Last Train to Busan. In an interview with the Koreabizwire local site, he explains this planetary success: “Hellbound takes place in South Korea, but it talks about universal issues like life and death, crime and punishment, and humanity. These are questions that every person thinks about, no matter where they live. So, Hellbound is well received around the world, I think. “

The director confides in the wake that he is working on the sequel to Hell, his webtoon at the origin of Hellbound : “THEThe sequel to ‘Hell’ will be released in the second half of next year … But for a TV series adaptation, nothing has been decided yet. “ Clearly, season 2 of Hellbound has not yet been ordered, at least not officially, from Netflix.

But the right numbers should make the streamer push for it to happen. Besides, the platform and Yeon sang-ho will continue to work together no matter what, since the director’s next project will be a sci-fi film tentatively called Jung Yi, for Netflix.

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